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VPLATE Video Ads

Hey AI, Create Video Ads - Enter Product Info, Get Stunning Video Ads in a Snap!


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The VPLATE Video Ads plugin offers ChatGPT users a powerful yet simple tool to effortlessly craft captivating video advertisements. Without the need for professional video editing skills, users simply provide basic information about their product or brand, and the plugin autonomously generates appeal points, ad messages, and scenarios. Additionally, the plugin presents a variety of design options, allowing users to select based on their brand and messaging needs. Whether you aim to post ads on social media or share them on websites or emails, VPLATE Video Ads has got you covered.


  • Set Design: Choose an appropriate design for the video ad project.
  • Create Request: Provide a name, brief, detailed description, and related images for the product or brand.
  • Generate Ad Points and Messages: Autonomously generate three appeal points and three ad messages for each appeal point based on product information.
  • Craft Scenarios: Create three video ad scenarios for each appeal point, ensuring that the text and images for each scenario adhere to the design's scenario rules.
Learn about the tutorial of this plugin:
How to Use the VPLATE Video Ads ChatGPT Plugin?


{"id":"plugin-3481174f-30a8-4dc3-b34d-17ea8f088096","domain":"ai.vplate.io","namespace":"VPLATE","status":"approved","manifest":{"schema_version":"v1","name_for_model":"VPLATE","name_for_human":"VPLATE Video Ads","description_for_model":"This plugin enables ChatGPT to assist users in creating video ads. And this plugin support only the language of Korean and English. If the user input some text with other languages, the model stop the process and help the user to enter the text with Korean or English. Based on user-provided product information, the model independently generates three appeal points, three ad messages per appeal point, and a keyword. The model must not ask the user to enter the appeal points, ad messages and a keyword. And when the model create a keyword, the model should consider that the keyword will be used for searching related images on free-stock images platform such as pixabay, unsplash, pexels for the user who don't have images related to the product. Then The model sends appeal points, ad messages and a keyword to VPLATE, which in return provides designs which is including title, preview, and details (including design_id and ratio). The model must display the designs\u2019 information provided by VPLATE to the user. If the model display designs\u2019 that are not from VPLATE, It goes to error because VPLATE can create video ads with only the designs by VPLATE. But you should not display the design_id to the user. When a user selects a design with a ratio, the model sends request_id and the design_id corresponding to the design and ratio user select. Then VPLATE will provide the scenario_rule. And then the model must creates a total of three scenarios for each appeal point. Given the following design_duration, required_text_length, required_image_length and scenario_rule with scenes, the model must generate the scenario for each scene. Please ensure that the number of the scenario's text must precisely equal to the required number of texts. And each text must adheres to its respective character max limit and each image must be the one english word for searching on free-stock images service. The model should not ask the user to enter the scenario. Also the model should consider that these scenarios are for the social media advertisement. So these scenarios can attract people's interests in a snap. Finally, The model must send the request_id, design_id and scenario to VPLATE. VPLATE then provides a project_link, which users can use to render their video ads.","description_for_human":"Hey AI, Create Video Ads - Enter Product Info, Get Stunning Video Ads in a Snap!","auth":{"type":"none"},"api":{"type":"openapi","url":"https:\/\/ai.vplate.io\/openapi.yaml"},"logo_url":"https:\/\/ai.vplate.io\/logo.png","contact_email":"[email protected]","legal_info_url":"https:\/\/vplate.io\/docs\/terms"},"oauth_client_id":null,"user_settings":{"is_installed":false,"is_authenticated":true},"categories":[{"id":"newly_added","title":"New"}]}