GoPlus Security AI: Comprehensive Encrypted Security Information

GoPlus Security AI

Get crypto security information by using GoPlus Security API.


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GoPlus Security AI is a powerful ChatGPT plugin provided by GoPlus Labs. It utilizes the GoPlus Security API to offer users security information on encrypted tokens, malicious addresses, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), token approvals, dApps (Decentralized Applications), and encoded information related to signed data. GoPlus Security AI serves as the security data infrastructure layer for Web3, delivering open, permissionless, and user-driven security services.

Its API provides real-time, automated security analysis and detection data. These APIs are designed for scalability, reliability, and easy integration. Whether you are a cryptocurrency project or a regular investor, GoPlus Security AI can provide comprehensive security protection.


  • Token Security API: An open, permissionless, user-driven token security detection platform.
  • Malicious Address API: A free, real-time, comprehensive library of malicious addresses.
  • NFT Security API: An NFT authenticity verification platform.
  • Approval Security API: Detects risks associated with token approvals.
  • dApp Security Information API: Aggregates dApp security information for rapid risk alerts.
  • Signature Data Decoding API: Decodes ABI data and identifies anomalies.
  • Phishing Website Detection API: Detects phishing websites.
Learn about the tutorial of this plugin:
How to Use the GoPlus Security AI ChatGPT Plugin?


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