CSV Export: Quickly Create and Export CSV Files

CSV Export

Create and export custom CSV layouts in a flash.


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The CSV Export plugin is a powerful ChatGPT plugin that can create CSV layouts in seconds and export professional results for visualization in a table format. The use of this plugin is very simple. You only need to provide a JSON object containing a CSV file name and an array of CSV data to quickly generate a CSV file. Whether you are a data analyst or an ordinary user, you can easily manage and process data through this plugin.


  • Create CSV files: Accept a JSON object containing a CSV file name and an array of CSV data, and then integrate these data into the CSV Export plugin.


Learn about the tutorial of this plugin:
How to Use the CSV Export ChatGPT Plugin?


{"id":"plugin-e728e7ad-cdb0-4941-82b0-71c4c5d5da58","domain":"csv-export-plugin.chatbot.so","namespace":"CSVExport","status":"approved","manifest":{"schema_version":"v1","name_for_model":"CSVExport","name_for_human":"CSV Export","description_for_model":"Create CSV layouts in seconds with AI. Export professional results and visualize them in table format.","description_for_human":"Create and export custom CSV layouts in a flash.","auth":{"type":"none"},"api":{"type":"openapi","url":"https:\/\/csv-export-plugin.chatbot.so\/openai.yaml"},"logo_url":"https:\/\/csv-export-plugin.chatbot.so\/assets\/CSVExport.png","contact_email":"[email protected]","legal_info_url":"https:\/\/csv-export-plugin.chatbot.so\/info"},"oauth_client_id":null,"user_settings":{"is_installed":false,"is_authenticated":true},"categories":[{"id":"newly_added","title":"New"}]}