ERNIE Bot Plugin - AI Image Recognition | Advanced AI-Powered Image Identification Tool


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AI Image Recognition

The "AI Image Recognition" plugin from ERNIE Bot is an image recognition tool developed based on advanced artificial intelligence technology. This plugin integrates deep learning and computer vision technologies, featuring efficient data processing capabilities and algorithm optimization. It can accurately identify objects, scenes, text, and other information in images, providing users with a convenient, efficient, and personalized image processing experience.

Official Description of the Plugin: Leveraging the capabilities of the Baidu AI Open Platform, this plugin can recognize the content of uploaded images, supporting the identification of animals, plants, landmarks, buildings, currency, and more.

Official Plugin Examples:

  • Example image 1.jpg
  • Example image 2.jpg


  • It can intelligently recognize the content of images.


Learn about the tutorial of this plugin:
How to Use the AI Image Recognition ERNIE Bot Plugin?