Baidu Lvlin Plugin for ERNIE Bot - Legal Consultation and Answers


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Baidu Lvlin

The Baidu Lvlin Plugin is a legal service plugin designed specifically for Baidu ERNIE Bot. Currently, only ERNIE Bot 4.0 users can use this plugin. Leveraging the professional legal knowledge and resources of the Baidu Lvlin website, coupled with ERNIE Bot's language understanding and generation capabilities, this plugin provides users with a convenient and efficient legal consultation and answer service. Users can directly input legal questions or keywords related to law in the ERNIE Bot dialog box. The Baidu Lvlin plugin automatically analyzes the user's questions, and in the background, accesses the Baidu Lvlin platform's legal knowledge and resources to offer users professional and accurate legal answers and advice.

Official Description of the Plugin: This plugin is a professional plugin in the legal field. It provides applicable laws and regulations based on input legal questions.

Official Plugin Examples: No examples provided.


  • Legal Consultation and Answers: Users can consult legal questions through the plugin and receive accurate and professional answers.
  • Legal Knowledge Popularization: The plugin can provide rich content on legal knowledge, helping users understand legal common sense and regulations.
  • Case Analysis and References: Users can view relevant cases to understand how similar issues were handled and the outcomes, providing references for their own problems.
  • Legal Document Assistance: The plugin can assist users in completing basic legal documents, such as complaints, pleadings, etc.
  • Legal Process Guidance: The plugin can provide guidance on legal processes, such as the steps and precautions in litigation, arbitration, and other procedures.
  • Intelligent Lawyer Matching: Based on users' legal needs and the type of problem, the plugin can intelligently match suitable lawyers, providing personalized legal services.


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