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Business Information Query is a powerful plugin within ERNIE Bot, which utilizes Baidu's advanced large model technology to provide users with a fast and efficient tool for querying business information. Through this plugin, users can easily retrieve key business information such as company registration, stock market information, executive positions, and investment details. The Business Information Query plugin has a wide range of applications, suitable for areas like business investigations, job hunting, investment analysis, legal consultations, and more. Baidu's subsidiary, AiQicha, serves as a robust data source and display platform for business information vertical searches, ensuring users can enjoy high-quality business information query services. With the Business Information Query plugin, users can gain a more comprehensive understanding of a target company's background and operations, enabling them to make wiser decisions.

Official Description of this Plugin: AiQicha provides business information retrieval capabilities for checking enterprise business registration, listing information, executive positions, and investment situations.

Official Examples of this Plugin:

  • What is the registered capital of Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd.?
  • Who are the shareholders of Beijing Zhizhe Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd.?


  • Basic Enterprise Information Query: Users can inquire about a company's name, Unified Social Credit Code, registration number, legal representative, and more.
  • Business Registration Information Query: Users can access information such as registered capital, paid-up capital, establishment date, business term, and scope of operations for a company.
  • Corporate Shareholder Information Query: Users can obtain details about a target company's shareholders, including shareholder names, capital contributions, and subscribed capital.
  • Corporate Executive Information Query: Users can look up information about the executives of a target company, including their names, positions, and compensation.
  • Business Operations Information Query: Users can access a company's annual reports, financial statements, and more to understand its operational and financial status.
  • Corporate Credit Information Query: Users can inquire about a company's credit information, including credit ratings and credit reports, to assess its creditworthiness.
  • Corporate Intellectual Property Information Query: Users can search for a company's intellectual property information, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, and more to understand its intellectual property status.
  • Business Dispute Information Query: Users can look up information about a company's business disputes, including litigation and arbitration cases, to assess its legal risks.
  • Business Financing Information Query: Users can retrieve information about a company's financing activities, including financing rounds and amounts, to understand its financing status.
  • Corporate News and Information Query: Users can access news and information about a company to stay informed about its latest developments and industry news.
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