ERNIE Bot - Wu Zhi Fast Reading Plugin: AI-Powered Reading Analysis Assistant


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Wu Zhi Fast Reading

The 悟智快读 (Wu Zhi Fast Reading) plugin for ERNIE Bot is a reading comprehension aid based on artificial intelligence technology, designed to assist users in reading and understanding text content more quickly and efficiently. The plugin automatically extracts key information from articles and presents it to users in a clear and concise manner, thereby improving reading efficiency and accuracy.

Official Description of the Plugin: Simply enter the URL, and the plugin will extract keywords, summaries, outlines, and mind maps for you (supports URLs/Bilibili/PDF/Docx, etc.).

Official Plugin Example: No examples provided.


  • Automatic Extraction of Key Information: The Wu Zhi Fast Reading plugin can automatically analyze the structure and content of text and videos, extracting key information such as titles, keywords, summaries, outlines, and generating mind maps. This allows users to quickly grasp the core content of an article without reading it word by word or sentence by sentence.