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Explore TiraBeauty, JioCinema, JioMart, and JioFiber in one go. Shop, stream, and surf with ease!


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Jio plugin is an all-in-one tool designed to provide a seamless digital life experience. It integrates JioMart, TiraBeauty, JioCinema, and JioFiber, allowing you to shop, stream content, and access the internet all in one place. Whether you are looking for new clothing, electronics, groceries, or exploring various health and beauty products, JioMart and TiraBeauty have got you covered. If you want to watch various TV shows, movies, and sports content, JioCinema offers a rich selection of streaming resources. Lastly, JioFiber provides a range of high-speed internet and data packages, enabling you to choose the one that suits your needs.


  • JioMart Product Search: Enables searching for products on JioMart, providing product search queries. It also allows specifying page size and page numbers for pagination of results.
  • TiraBeauty Product Search: Allows searching for products on TiraBeauty, providing search queries. It also supports specifying page size, page numbers, and sorting options to retrieve results.
  • Get TiraBeauty Shopping Cart: Provides access to the items in the TiraBeauty shopping cart, along with a shareable shopping cart link and a QR code image link.
  • Delete Items from TiraBeauty Shopping Cart: Enables the removal of specific items from the TiraBeauty shopping cart, requiring detailed information about the items to be deleted.
  • Get JioFiber Plans: Allows obtaining JioFiber's prepaid or postpaid plans, requiring specification of the plan type.
  • JioCinema Media Search: Enables searching for movies, shows, sports content, etc., on JioCinema, providing search queries. It also supports specifying page size, page numbers, media type, language, type, and release year for more specific results.


Learn about the tutorial of this plugin:
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{"id":"plugin-911ed0d7-7bdd-422a-b1b2-ece7f8853bdc","domain":"","namespace":"jio","status":"approved","manifest":{"schema_version":"v1","name_for_model":"jio","name_for_human":"Jio","description_for_model":"Introducing an all-encompassing tool, designed to seamlessly interact with TiraBeauty, JioCinema, JioMart, and JioFiber, catering to multiple facets of your digital lifestyle.\nOur JioMart integration simplifies your online shopping journey, providing a wide selection of products, from clothing and electronics to grocery items, all in one convenient location. JioMart can help to buy ingredients from recipes.\nWith TiraBeauty functionality, you can explore a wide array of health and beauty products, effortlessly manage your shopping cart, and share your cart selections via a QR code within the ecosystem of - your comprehensive ecommerce destination for beauty products and accessories.\nThe JioCinema feature takes you on an immersive streaming adventure, offering access to a diverse range of television shows, movies, sports content, and much more. Easily search and stream content to match your mood, directly from this interface.\nFinally, the JioFiber functionality empowers you to navigate through a range of lightning-fast internet and data plans from this leading broadband service provider. Explore and choose from a comprehensive list of prepaid and postpaid plans to meet your connectivity needs.\nEquip yourself with this multifunctional tool and experience a streamlined, efficient digital experience across a variety of platforms.","description_for_human":"Explore TiraBeauty, JioCinema, JioMart, and JioFiber in one go. Shop, stream, and surf with ease!","auth":{"type":"none"},"api":{"type":"openapi","url":"https:\/\/\/openapi.yaml"},"logo_url":"https:\/\/\/v2\/copilot\/original\/icons\/JioGPT_icon.png","contact_email":"[email protected]","legal_info_url":"https:\/\/\/terms-and-conditions"},"oauth_client_id":null,"user_settings":{"is_installed":false,"is_authenticated":true},"categories":[{"id":"newly_added","title":"New"}]}