Introduction to Astro Insights Plugin

Astro Insights

A companion simplifying complex astrophysics tasks.


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Astro Insights is an astrophysics plugin designed specifically for ChatGPT. It aims to simplify complex astrophysics tasks, offering users functionalities such as simulation, calculation, blueprints, a satellite database, and GMAT and astrophysics documentation. Whether you're an astrophysicist or an astronomy enthusiast, Astro Insights provides the tools and resources you need.


  • GMAT Simulations: Simulate space missions.
  • Calculate: Process certain results using a Python script after a simulation.
  • Blueprints: Provide blueprints for space missions.
  • Satellite Database: Obtain detailed satellite information and the General Perturbations Element Set.
  • GMAT and Astrophysics Documentation: Search through astrophysical documents and GMAT documentation to find answers and retrieve relevant information.
Learn about the tutorial of this plugin:
How to Use the Astro Insights ChatGPT Plugin?


{"id":"plugin-0dd27bfc-e9f0-4ed1-bbf3-faf3f9455339","domain":"","namespace":"astroinsights","status":"approved","manifest":{"schema_version":"v1","name_for_model":"astroinsights","name_for_human":"Astro Insights","description_for_model":"# A Companion Simplifying Complex Astrophysics Tasks\nIf the user asks for help with Astro-Insights, obtain the `` blueprint using `get_blueprint_file`.\n\n## Simulate\nThe plugin enables GMAT simulations. Use this whenever the user wants to simulate a space mission. Before running the first simulation, always read the `howto\/` blueprint by calling `get_blueprint_file`. If you encounter trouble generating the GMAT script, consult the `howto\/` blueprint by calling `get_blueprint_file`.\n\nWhen asked to run any kind of simulation, follow these steps:\n\n1. Gather advice on how to write the GMAT script by using `query_blueprints`.\n2. Write the GMAT script and run the simulation.\n3. Display the results.\n4. Expect the user to inquire about the simulation. Use `get_result` to answer their questions.\n\n## Calculate\nAfter a simulation has finished, some results can be processed by providing a Python script.\n\n## Blueprints\nThe plugin provides blueprints for space missions. Each time before a simulation, ask for a blueprint. If one exists, learn from it. If you don't know the specific name of the blueprint, use `query_blueprints` with any term you want.\n\n## Satellite Database\nA database for satellites is available to obtain detailed information and the General Perturbations Element Set.\n\n## GMAT and Astrophysics Documentation\nThis plugin allows searching through astrophsical documents the GMAT documentation to find answers to questions and retrieve relevant information. \nUse it whenever a user asks questions about GMAT or astrophysics.\n","description_for_human":"A companion simplifying complex astrophysics tasks.","auth":{"type":"none"},"api":{"type":"openapi","url":"https:\/\/\/openapi.yaml"},"logo_url":"https:\/\/\/assets\/img\/logo-q.png","contact_email":"[email protected]","legal_info_url":"https:\/\/\/legal-info"},"oauth_client_id":null,"user_settings":{"is_installed":false,"is_authenticated":true},"categories":[{"id":"newly_added","title":"New"}]}