Introduction to TL;DR Plugin


⏳ TL;DR ⏐ 👉🏽 /tldr to summarize text or a webpage 👉🏽 /sentiment for a tl;dr sentiment analysis ❓/instructions for help.


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The TL;DR plugin is a powerful tool designed to provide users with concise summaries of content. Whether you're browsing web pages, reading articles, or reviewing terms of service, TL;DR offers succinct and accurate summaries to help you quickly grasp key information. Built on advanced natural language processing technology, TL;DR not only generates summaries but also conducts sentiment analysis, adding convenience to your reading and research.


  • Summarize provided text or URL.
  • Provide instructions for available commands.
  • Perform sentiment analysis on the given text.
Learn about the tutorial of this plugin:
How to Use the TL;DR ChatGPT Plugin?


{"id":"plugin-2cda11b0-9baf-46df-86fa-ccb95410715e","domain":"","namespace":"TLDRTool","status":"approved","manifest":{"schema_version":"v1","name_for_model":"TLDRTool","name_for_human":"TL;DR","description_for_model":"Discover the TL;DR tool, meticulously designed to simplify your content analysis process. Whether you're seeking quick summaries or extracting information from URLs, TL;DR is your summarization companion. Equipped with cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, this tool empowers you to explore, analyze, and interpret text with precision.","description_for_human":"\u23f3 TL;DR \u23d0 \ud83d\udc49\ud83c\udffd \/tldr to summarize text or a webpage \ud83d\udc49\ud83c\udffd \/sentiment for a tl;dr sentiment analysis \u2753\/instructions for help.","auth":{"type":"none"},"api":{"type":"openapi","url":"https:\/\/\/openapi.json"},"logo_url":"https:\/\/\/uc?export=view&id=1yzN06BGSZXNf5uRSnRFzu4CLXuOCgOmG","contact_email":"[email protected]","legal_info_url":"https:\/\/\/file\/d\/1y39BSFBQsmFFjbqTNVBGB7dGuK0d2lsh\/view?usp=sharing"},"oauth_client_id":null,"user_settings":{"is_installed":false,"is_authenticated":true},"categories":[{"id":"newly_added","title":"New"}]}